Therapy Prices

Therapy prices Hypnotherapy London with Master Practitioner Nick Othen

Hypnotherapy   £95 Per Session

Stop Smoking the Easy Way   £235 (Second Session Free If Needed)

Weight Loss Success   £85

Hypno Band   £95

NLP   £85 Per Session

EFT   £75 Per Session

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Hypnotherapy Prices

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Hypnotherapy: Treatment with the Use of Hypnosis

Nowadays, different ways have been introduced for the treatment of various conditions, such as phobias, losing weight, and helping people to quit smoking. One perfect and rapid treatment option that can prove to be effective is hypnotherapy. In this case, hypnosis is used during the process of the treatment. Hypnosis originated from a Greek word that means sleep. Therefore, it is obvious that hypnotherapy involve activities executed by a professional in order to bring an individual to a state of relaxation, or what is popularly known as trance.

The first procedure in hypnotherapy will include a visit to the therapist and will require information such as your medical history and the medical treatment that you will need. The therapist will then provide you with an overview of how the treatment will proceed and the things that can be expected. This will lead to the most important part of the process where a variety of techniques will be executed to make you relaxed. It will include the provision of images that will be helpful in your condition as well as spoken words that can bring you to a state of trance. For instance, if you are under therapy to quit smoking, you will hear the therapist telling you the dangers of smoking and the benefits of quitting in a manner that is calm and that can trigger relaxation.

One of the most important things that should be given emphasis about hypnotherapy is the fact that it is all about the state of trance, which can be achieved through the execution of various techniques that can only be effective if it is done by a professional. This state is not only characterized by having closed eyes, but more importantly, with focused state. This will also require internal & external focus of attention and will allow your thoughts to take in the words being expressed by the therapist. You are focused to a particular situation and there is a switching of the brain from the left to the right hemisphere. Do not be afraid, as hypnotherapy is not a way for the therapist to have complete control over you.

A hypnotherapy session normally lasts for a period of 60 minutes and will last from one to four sessions, depending on the condition that is treated. With cooperation from the patient and the right choice of therapist, it is possible to ensure the effectiveness of hypnotherapy.