Self Esteem

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The Importance of Personal Worth

In psychology, self-esteem is perhaps one of the most important concepts introduced, which essentially influences the way a person lives. Simply put, self-esteem is all about how you view yourself. This is your overall sense of your personal worth. It is something that is viewed as normal, and more importantly, that is vital for survival.

Your self-esteem can be high or low. Depending on how you see such, it will create significant impacts on your life. If your self-esteem is high, it means that you give high regard to yourself and such is indicative of confidence and belief that you can do several things. On the other hand, the opposite of such is low self-esteem. In this case, it is probable that you suffer from self-pity and depression, which result from the lack of belief on the things that you can do and accomplish.

Self-esteem is important because it affects our life in more ways than one. Among others, it gives you a good feeling, which will be reflective only if you have high value for yourself. This can also be an act of motivation and courage to pursue things. Even if things may seem to be impossible, if you have high sled-esteem, you will be able to find a way on how to end up triumphant. This will also lead into choices that will enrich your life, rather than bring you down. A high self-esteem will allow you to live a worth life, and most importantly, be able to rise up from the challenges that you will be confronted with.

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End Low Self Esteem

Apart from the importance of this psychological concept, it is also important for you to know the different factors that can affect your self-esteem. The environment is perhaps one of the most important factors that can influence such. This will involve the people who are around you as you grow up and the various events in your life that will shape who you are and who you would want to be in the future. Your success and failures in life will also be consequential about your belief in yourself. Generally speaking, the more successful you are, the more positive will be your reflection of your personal value. Your personal performance will be a significant indicator of whether you have high or low self-esteem.

In the end, it is important for all of us to have a positive perspective of our worth to be fueled with the initiative to succeed and to confront the problems that might come along our way.