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Most of us take for granted the ability to speak in a clear tone that allows others to understand what we are trying to communicate. Imagine how much different that would be if you were unable to get your words out in a way that would make this seemingly simple act close to impossible. That is exactly what people who stammer have to deal with every day, as they find it tough to get out the words that are in their head. Having to deal with that over an extended period of time can lead to high levels of frustration, and possibly even feelings of anxiety and depression.
People who stammer suffer from a variety of different speech issues. For some, it is the inability to get a word out, which results in them repeating the first letter of the word they are trying to say, over and over again. There will also be times when a particular sound, oftentimes an ‘s’ sound, will be extended. There are even situations when the word they want to say will not come out at all, leaving them in a situation where the person they are trying to talk to is not even aware that anything is about to be said at all.



Part of the problem with dealing with stammering is that the medical community is not really sure what causes it in the first place. There are a number of things, such as environment, personality, health issues, and more that could all serve as a trigger for stammering. Oftentimes, a person who can usually speak just fine will start to stammer when placed in a stressful situation. Just imagine how troublesome that could be for a child at school, or an adult who has to give a speech at work.
Stammering can take a real toll on you over an extended period of time. It can be physically and mentally exhausting to try and get through the day without constantly stumbling over your words, and as mentioned earlier, your levels of stress and anxiety can go through the roof, making you avoid social situations that might well cause your stammer to kick right back in. That is not the way in which anyone should live, but there is help available out there.
Hypnotherapy has proven to be very effective for people who suffer from stammering, especially when it comes to those who have speech problems worsen when placed in social situations. A professional hypnotherapist may very well be able to get to the heart of what it is that is making you stammer in the first place. Once that realization has been reached, they can then essentially set about re-training your brain so that it does not lead you to stammer when you are presented with a situation where you normally would quickly develop speech issues. It will generally take several hypnotherapy sessions to get to this point, but it is time well invested if it means your stammer disappears forever.






Migraine Control

The average headache causes some minor discomfort, but it can also be pretty easily taken care of with a couple of aspirin and a glass of water. This is not the case with migraines, as they bring with them pain and discomfort that can last for days on end. There are migraine sufferers who have tried all sorts of different things to ease their pain, but who can only really find comfort in trying to sleep it off in a dark room. This is not really a great way to treat anything, and we will talk later about how you can get the help you need for your migraine attacks if you feel that all else has failed.

Migraine headaches can begin at an early age, and they can stay with you through the rest of your life if you do not seek treatment. There are usually some early warning signs that come before a migraine hits, and these can begin a couple of days prior to the arrival of the pain. Symptoms include feelings of depression, constant yawning, irritability, neck stiffness, and cravings for specific types of food. You may experience one or two of these, or all at the same time. People who have suffered from migraines for a long time are usually acutely aware of the warning signs.



For some migraine sufferers, the couple of hours before the headache hits will see them experience light flashes and sometimes dots before the eyes. A sensitivity to light and sound is a sure sign that the pain is about to hit. Once it does, it can become almost unbearable, to the point where the person has to retreat from all exterior stimuli in order to get some sort of relief. Generally speaking, migraines can last for an hour or two to as much as 3 days at a time. The regularity of their arrival varies from person to person.

The reason why some people are more prone to migraine headaches than others isn’t really fully known, but there are some common triggers that can set things rolling in those who frequently get them. The types of foods that you eat are thought to play a major role, and stress is also thought to be another major player when it comes to the arrival and regularity of migraines. The signs that a migraine are arriving are enough to stress some people out, and that can serve to make matters even worse. It is here that a hypnotherapy can help where other treatments have failed.

A professional hypnotherapist can show you ways to cope with stress so that your migraine problems become less frequent. Since you probably already know the early warning signs, learning to relax and breathe can be a great help. Taken in combination with the medication prescribed by your doctor, hypnotherapy can severely reduce the amount of migraines you suffer from, and can also help ease the pain when they do slip through. If you are looking for some extra help with your migraine problems, you really should consider hypnotherapy as your next step.


Improve Your Golf!

There are few things as fun as playing sports, but the problem is that we all eventually reach an age where most of those activities are just a little too demanding on the body. Golf is one of the few sports that you can play into your later years, which actually turns out to be a good thing, since it is one of the more difficult sports to master. There are people who have played golf for years who never break  100, or who just can’t seem to come to grips with one element of the game. It is a sport that is fun to play, but which can also be incredibly frustrating.

Ask any professional golfer about the most important part of the game and you would expect them to say that driving or putting was high on the list. The reality is that most professional golfers will tell you that it is the mental aspect of the game that really has to be mastered in order to excel. After all, this is a sport where you are charge of every shot and decision. There is no teammate to bail you out when you are having an off day, and that can cause some golfers to get inside their own heads.

Improve Golf

Improve Golf

If you watch the game of golf regularly, you will know that the professionals have bad days, too. How often have you seen a player seem to be going well, only to come totally unglued because of a single bad shot? This actually happens more often than you might imagine, and if it happens regularly to the professionals, how often do you think it happens to amateur golfers? The mental aspect of the game is what derails so many players. It doesn’t matter how well you have the mechanics of your swing down, it will all be for naught if you don’t stay strong between the ears.

Now take a moment to think about the flipside of that when you play golf. There always comes a time when you hit a particularly good shot, and you start to feel as though you have suddenly got the hang of the game. That one good shot is followed by several more, and it’s all down to having a feeling of confidence in your head. That confidence only gets shaken when you hit two or three bad ones in a row. If only you could maintain that good feeling with every shot.

The fact of the matter is that you can do something to get your confidence level up high over the course of a full round of golf. If you spend time with a professional hypnotherapist, you can learn to remove all the negative thoughts that go through your mind when you play. We are not saying that you will shave 15 strokes off your game overnight, but what you will be able to do is shake off those bad shots and stay positive throughout. When positive thoughts are in your subconscious, those creeping doubts are kept at bay, and that adds up to having more fun playing the game that you love.


Help With Adult Education

There is a saying about being unable to teach an old dog new tricks, but the fact of the matter is that you are never too old to learn something new. Many adults who are well past their school going years are now heading back to college to learn new skills. Some go back because of a thirst for knowledge, while others do so to learn skills that will get them a promotion or a better job in their chosen industry. It really doesn’t matter what the reason is for continuing your education, it is never a waste of time to go back to school and learn something new.

Adult Education

Adult Education

Since the majority of students who decide to go back to school are also working a full-time job, it is usually night classes that they need to enroll in. While this is an ideal scenario as far as managing a schedule goes, there are some issues that can arise by going that route. One of the biggest issues that adult students face when going to night school is finding the drive and motivation to learn after putting in a hard day at work. You may well go in with the best intentions, but finding that motivation can be tough, especially if you are called upon to work extra hours at your job.

The speed at which you learn slows down when you don’t have the time or drive you need in order to absorb the information being delivered in your class. If you enroll in an online course, it is a little easier to work when you are ready, but it is also a whole lot easier to push off the work until a later date, which is not so easy to do if you are attending a class in a bricks and mortar school. Some people believe that one method will be better for them than another, but they quickly find out that either option comes with some pretty high demands.

Some adult students who go back to school eventually just become content with passing the course with any type of grade, but that almost defeats the purpose of going in the first place. When you excel in school, it means that you have a firm grasp of the concepts being taught. If you are learning in order to advance in your career, doesn’t it make sense to fully understand the courses that you are taking?

A big part of the problem comes down to believing that you are indeed too old to learn something new. Thinking can start to become self-defeating, as your subconscious starts to sabotage your efforts. This is where hypnotherapy can really help, as a qualified hypnotherapist can replace those negative thoughts with positive ways of thinking that will help you excel. The things that you learn will be easier to absorb, and you will feel motivated, even when you have put in a tough day at work. A few short sessions with a hypnotherapist can help you become a start student, and can also take your grades to an incredibly high level.


Online Game Addiction

When you mention addiction, people automatically assume that the conversation will be about issues with drugs, alcohol, or gambling. While those are certainly the big three, there are other types of addictions that can be just as damaging. In recent years, a growing number of people have developed an addiction to gaming consoles and the games that are played on them. The problem here is that this form of addiction is still often mentioned in a joking fashion, but the fact of the matter is that people caught up in this problem quickly find out that it is no laughing matter.

It seems that game consoles such as the Xbox and PlayStation are among the top gifts to give and receive every Christmas, which means we are potentially creating a whole new wave of future gaming addicts. The allure is easy to understand, as the games that are now available have a level of realism that is unlike anything ever seen before. The games themselves can take days or weeks to play from start to finish, and people quickly find themselves feeling as though they have to get it done before they move on to the next one.

Game Addiction

Game Addiction

The fact that users can also connect over the internet and interact while they play together is another factor that is keeping people glued to their TV sets as the real world goes on around them. It’s not uncommon for gamers to go for days without adequate sleep or sustenance, and there are now even stories of people dying after playing for days on end without getting the rest that the body needs. Being so locked into computer worlds often means that the loved ones who live with these people end up being totally shut out.

The alarming thing here is that this is not a problem that is solely related to kids, as more and more adults are becoming obsessed with the gaming world. Relationships can quickly become strained, and employment put at risk as the need and desire to play these game becomes more important than the need to engage in the real world. This is a real problem that is likely only going to get worse before it gets better.

Finding a way out of a gaming console addiction is not easy once you are in it, but hypnotherapy can certainly help. As is the case with any type of addiction, there is an underlying cause to your need to do the same thing over and over again. You may well be aware that being constantly attached to the gaming world is having a negative effect on your life, but until you can find out why you are doing what you are, nothing will change. A professional hypnotherapist can get to the heart of the issue over the course of a few sessions, and they can help you get out of the addiction that you have been dragged into. After all, wouldn’t you rather happily live in the real world as opposed to one made by a software company?


Worried About A Business Presentation?

Even the most confident people in the world have something that they fear, or which causes them to become anxious at the very thought of having to perform a specific task. If you took a straw poll of those people, you would likely see that public speaking is something that brings them to their knees and sucks out that confidence. Most of us rarely have to talk in front of a crowd, but professionals are often called upon to deliver business presentations that can make or break a deal. Talking in front of people is bad enough, but when you have the added pressure of needing it to go well in order to excel at your job, it’s no wonder that nerves are a common problem.

One of the biggest selling points in a business presentation is the person delivering the information. You could have two different people delivering the exact same presentation, but the person who expresses the information with the most confidence will be the one who will be remembered. The information contained within the presentation may well be brilliant, but if it is delivered in a nervous, stammering tone, the audience will start to tune out before they get to hear it all.

Hypnotherapy For Business Presentation

Hypnotherapy For Business Presentation

There is an old tip that says you should try to imagine your audience naked when speaking in public, but that is more of an old wife’s tale than anything that can actually be successfully used. The fact of the matte is that it’s almost impossible focus on anything other the presentation itself, as trying to imagine something other than what is being delivered can lead to past of the presentation being forgotten or muddled up. Once that first mistake is made in the delivery, the floodgates tend to open and wash away the rest of the presentation.

You do not have to be a skilled orator in order to deliver a great presentation, but what you do need is confidence, a clear speaking voice, and the ability to remember what needs to be said without constantly having to stop and refer to the source materials. This is something that can be done, yet most people view it as an impossible task that they will never be able to master. It is that niggling voice of self-doubt in your subconscious that makes you feel that way. That little voice needs to be silenced, and hypnotherapy can help make it happen.

If you are asked to regularly give business presentations, or are scared to move to the next level in your career because you know that you will have to speak in public more often, then you need to talk to a professional hypnotherapist. It will take a few sessions to get to the heart of what is causing you to feel anxious when placed in this sort of situation. Those negative thoughts can then be replaced with something more positive that will help you feel confident when it comes time to speak. When you start a business presentation feeling confident about how it will turn out, the end result is usually very good indeed.


New UK Smoking Laws

Smoking in a car while a child is present will be illegal from October 2015 under new government legislation. The law is introduced to protect children and young people from the dangers of secondhand smoke. Both the driver and the smoker could be fined £50 and will apply to every driver in England and Wales, including those aged 17 and those with a provisional driving licence.

Smoking Car Ban

Smoking Car Ban

Why not call and book a Stop Smoking session Now!


Hypnotherapy Pain Control Techniques

Pain control

Pain control

Displacement: Suggestions that pain can be moved around the body to different parts. Pain in a finger nail is less frightening than pain in the abdomen.

Glove Anaesthesia: Suggesting that the hand is numb, then transferring this feeling to any part of the body that is touched.

Dissociation: Getting the client to imagine that the pain goes elsewhere leaving the physical body.

Substitution: Reinterpreting pain to another sensation.

Direct Diminution: Suggestion that the pain will lessen gradually through metaphors.

Neurophysiological Metaphor: Asking the client to imagine a control panel in their brain on which they can turn down pain.

Time Distortion: Suggesting that when the pain occurs , time will pass quickly, while pain free times increase.

Regression: Going back to a time when the client had no pain.


Ericksonian Hypnotherapy

Milton Model

Milton Model


What Is A Six Step Reframe?

6 Step Reframe

6 Step Reframe

One of the most useful techniques in NLP is reframing, the process is quick, easy and if done correctly permanent. Basically if you change the meaning of an experience by placing it in a different frame the response will also be changed.

1) Identify the behavior that you want to change.

2) Contact the part that generates that identified behavior.

3) Separate the identified behavior from the intention for it.

4) Find other ways to satisfy the intention behind this identified behavior.

5) Ask the original identified part if it willing to accept the new choice resources that were given to satisfy the intention of the original behavior.

6) Ecologically check that the entire system is okay with the new choice and understand fully that these are in addition to any previously used behavior.


Presuppositions Of NLP



1) The meaning of the communication is the response it elicits.

2) There are no failures in communication, only responses.

3) Recognizing response requires clean, open sensory channels.

4) Individuals process all information through their five senses.

5) Individuals with the most flexibility have the highest probability of achieving the response they desire.

6) Individuals have all the resources necessary to make any desired change.

7) Individuals have two levels of communication, conscious and unconscious.

8) There is inherent value in all individuals regardless of the appropriateness of their behavior.

9) The intention of all behavior is positive.

10) Individuals operate from their perception of the world rather than what the world really is.

11) Rapport is meeting individuals at their model of the world.


Skype Hypnotherapy Session

For your free 15 minute Skype consultation from the comfort of your own home please click on the picture below to download the latest version. Skype is a highly secure and free method of communication. All you need is a pc, tablet or mobile phone with internet connection and a built in or external webcam. Times can be arranged to suit you, just email or call to book your free session. Full Hypnotherapy/NLP sessions are £65.

skype hypnotherapy

skype hypnotherapy

Amateur Dramatics

We have all had that moment when watching a movie when we picture ourselves playing the lead role on the big screen. It’s a fleeting moment for most, as it becomes apparent that we just aren’t as talented as the movie stars who have been honing their craft for years. For some, though, the call to the stage is real, which is why you will find an amateur dramatics group in just about every town or city in the civilized world. The stage calls to many, but once there, the spotlight can cast a light on a fear that many amateur actors didn’t know they had until they started to perform.

Stage fright is very real, and there are many big name artists who still suffer from it in a big way. It doesn’t matter how many times they take to the stage, or how beloved they are to the people there to see them, fear and doubt get in the way. Successful artists have all kinds of help and support available to them, which is not something that can be said for someone stepping into amateur dramatics for the first time. They may feel as though they don’t have the support they need, and many will walk away from their passion simply because they give in to the fear.

Amateur Dramatics

Amateur Dramatics

What is it that causes stage fright, and what can you do to overcome it if you feel that it is hampering your ability to perform? For many, it is a lack of confidence that makes them question everything that they do on stage. Even when someone in amateur dramatics beats out a lot of people to land the lead role, they may still feel as though they are not worthy. Strangely enough, this often happens to people who are confident in all other aspects of their life, and it’s only when they are about to take to the stage that the little voice of self-doubt makes an appearance.

Others are simply afraid that they will make a fool of themselves on stage, and that the audience will laugh and point. The latter part of that scenario never plays out, though, as the audience is usually happy to be there, and are impressed at the effort being made by the amateur players. A flubbed line of some other stumble is considered part of the amateur dramatics audience experience, yet the performer can be left feeling crippled by the thought that they will be the one to make the mistake.

The fact of the matter is that if you love amateur dramatics, but have a hard time taking part, there is something inside you that is preventing you from doing so. By talking to a hypnotherapist, you can get to the root of that problem, and essentially have it replaced by something more positive. It will likely take a few hypnotherapy sessions for the results to pay off, but when you do, all nerves will be gone, and you will be able to take to the stage as a proud and confident performer.


Tony Robbins



Marathon Running

Running is a fantastic way to stay in shape, but it’s also important to know your limits when you first get started. The same rules apply when you are a regular jogger who decides that it’s time to take a step up and run a marathon. The fact of the matter is that running is a high impact activity that can easily lead to injury, so it stands to reason that the further you run, the more chance there is of you putting a heavier strain on your body. When it comes to running a marathon, your mind also plays a major role, but we will get to that a little later.

If you do decide that you want to run the 26 miles and change that a marathon entails, there are some definite steps that you need to take. You should start off by paying a visit to your doctor to make sure that you are healthy enough to run that sort of distance. Even if you get the all clear, you still have to put in a lot of hard work and preparation in order to be ready. You will gradually have to increase the amount that you run each day, and by gradually, we mean taking as much as a year to properly prepare.

Marathon Running

Marathon Running

What a lot of people who are training for a marathon do is enter themselves into shorter events before running the big one. It’s not uncommon to see runners do 5K or 10K races before they even think about making the big leap to a marathon. These are a good way to test exactly where you are physically, and how you will also react mentally when you are pushing your body to limits that it is not used to traveling to. You will often hear runners talking about hitting a wall, and that is something that is just as often mental as it is physical.

A marathon is a grind that not everyone can do, especially if you enter the race with any sort of doubts about your ability to finish it. Once your body reaches a point where you are really starting to feel the effects of running such a great distance, your brain will start telling you that it might be time to shut it down. That is when the little voice in your head will start trying to convince you to quit, telling you that all the hard work you have put in over the previous months is not as important as what you are feeling in that moment.

This is where a few sessions with a qualified professional hypnotherapist can help. Sports of all kinds are often just as much about mental awareness as they are about your physical strength and ability. A hypnotherapist can help you get those doubts out of your head, replacing them with positive thoughts that will help you break through the wall and reach for the finish. You will be able to distinguish genuine injury, which is when you should drop, from mental and physical fatigue, which can be pushed through with the correct positive mindset.


Online Shopping Addiction

There can be no denying that computers have made our lives easier in all kinds of different ways, but have you ever stopped to think about the cost of that ease? We are not talking about the price of computers, which is actually now pretty affordable, but rather the impact that it has had on our habits. Remember the days when you would take a trip to the mall to pick up everything that you needed for the next few weeks? For many people, that may seem like a distant memory, as one stop shopping in now available 24/7/365, and while it’s convenient, it can also be a problem.

Online shopping is on the rise, and with stores open around the clock, you can get what you need, as well as plenty of stuff that you don’t, at any time of the day or night. The waiting period for receiving those goods is also something of a non-factor, as many major online stores can have your stuff at your front door in as little as 24 hours. When you have that level of convenience at your fingertips, the possibility of going a little crazy begins to become a real thing. Can’t sleep at night? Why not go online and do a little bargain shopping? After all, those stores are always open, so why not take advantage of that?

e commerce

e commerce

While that may sound ridiculous to many of you reading this, the reality is that a growing number of people have developed a compulsive online shopping habit that they cannot break free from. You can now pretty much go online right now and purchase just about anything your heart desires. There are even website that will let you pick the car you want, down to the color, and who will then drive it right to your front door. Very few of us have that kind of disposable income to make that happen, but therein lies the problem.

There is something of an unreal feeling to shopping online. You can scan the virtual shelves of online stores to see what’s available, but you don’t get to actually hold the product in your hands or go through the process of standing in line to pay for your purchase. The end result is almost as though we are playing with “funny money.” Everything is done via credit cards or online payment systems, which means you often don’t get to see how much you have spent until that monthly statement arrives in the mail. For many, that is when the harsh reality sets in.

Making matters worse are online action sites and penny auction sites, where you essentially get caught up in the competition of bidding wars, making shopping feel like a game. This again comes down to a sense of detachment that online shopping delivers. Most of us would never dream of haggling over the price of an item with 4 other customers at a bricks and mortar store checkout, yet we are quite happy to do so online. We are not saying that online shopping is in some ways evil, but what we are saying is that you need to give yourself a little reality check every now and again, or at least set a budget that you can afford.


Got The Time?


Got The Time?

Got The Time?

Learn To Swim

There are a number of things, such as riding a bike or learning to swim, that are considered a childhood rite of passage. While these are things that most kids learn to do, there are some people who, for one reason or another, never found the time to learn. Swimming is one of the big ones, as there are plenty of places that are landlocked, and which do not have swimming facilities made available to the public. It is possible to go through life without ever learning to swim, but if you do, you could be missing out on all kinds of fun.

There are few things that make you feel more like a kid than splashing around and playing in the water. Would you rather sit on the sidelines and watch, or would you sooner get in there and get amongst all the fun? For most, the answer would be the latter, but for those who can’t swim, doing so could well be a nerve-wracking experience. It’s altogether too easy to think about the things that might go wrong while you are in there rather than thinking about how you will be fine if you stay to the shallow water and behave in a proper manner.

Learn To Swim

Learn To Swim

Adults who can’t swim also miss out on a lot of potential vacation destination, as they don’t really see the point of going to the beach or getting into the pool at the hotel. If you can swim, a whole world of vacation adventure opens up for you. Many resorts that are on or close to a beach have a variety of watersports for you to try, but those may all be avoided if all you are thinking about is what will happen when you get out on the water without the ability to swim.

Most community centers and public pools now offer classes to adults who have never learned to swim. This is one circumstance where an old dog can most certainly learn a new trick, and it’s one that can not only open up a whole new world of fun for you, but which may even save your life, or that of someone else’s, along the way. It’s natural to be afraid, though. Kids have an easier time learning to swim, as they have not built up the fear of water that only comes after years of avoiding it. That little voice in your head will start telling you about all the potential dangers the moment you dip your toe in the water.

Hypnotherapy is a way to get those fears and doubts out of your head and have them replaced by thoughts and ideas that are nothing but positive. A professional hypnotherapist can quickly locate those fears in your subconscious and reprogram your brain so that the water does not seem quite so imposing or dangerous when you go to learn how to swim. It may take a few sessions for the positive thoughts to fully replace the negative, but before long, you will be learning to swim without any type of fear or stress.


Top 10 New Year Resolutions

1.  Weight Loss/Gym Membership

2.  Stop Drinking

3.  Stop Smoking

4.  Go Green

5.  Learn A New Language

6.  Save Money

7.  Floss Teeth

8.  Travel

9.  Help Others

10.  Get More Sleep


New Year Resolutions

As the end of each year approaches, people start to look ahead to the New Year, and start to think about the changes they will make in an effort to live a better, healthier life. As soon as the midnight bell tolls on the New Year, those folks start talking about their resolutions, and how this will be the year when things get better. If you wait a month and ask those people how their resolutions are going, the vast majority will tell you that they have quit and gone back to where they were before the New Year arrived.

The funny thing is that we are all aware that we will likely never stick to the resolution we make for ourselves, but it doesn’t stop all of us from repeating the process year after year. The resolutions that people make tend to be the same, with losing weight, getting out of debt, or quitting smoking or some other bad habit usually at the top of the list. New Year’s resolutions are always about making a change for the better, but have you ever taken a moment to question where this whole idea comes from in the first place, and why we feel compelled to keep the tradition going.

2015 Resolutions

You may be surprised to learn that resolutions at New Year are not something that is new. The idea dates back to ancient times, and to a day when New Year wasn’t on the same date as we celebrate it today. The credit for making resolutions at the turn of the year falls with the Babylonians, and their need to keep the Gods happy. The most common resolution at that time was to promise to get out of debt in the coming year, which was something that the Babylonians believed would cause the Gods to look upon them favorably.

While we know this history to be true, what we don’t know is whether or not the Babylonians were actually able to keep the resolutions that they made. In modern times, the act of stating the resolution has become a whole lot easier than actually following through. This is because the things that we vow to change are often hard to follow through on. Losing weight or trying to quit smoking are not easy, and it is pretty much human nature to give up when the going gets tough.

If you are truly serious about making a resolution and following through with it, a little help may be in order. One effective way to get the help you need to achieve your goals is to talk to a hypnotherapist. They can access the part of your mind that prevents you from doing the things you want. You see, we are often out own worst enemy when trying to achieve a resolution, as your subconscious is constantly trying to sabotage you. A hypnotherapist, over the course of a few sessions, can find where those negative thoughts are coming from and replace them with something positive. Before you know it, keeping your New Year’s resolutions will be easier than you ever imagined.


Xmas 2014

Xmas Stress

Christmas only comes once a year, but it is amazing how that single day can deliver a level of stress that simply isn’t matched by any other date on the calendar, save perhaps for your wedding day. The problem is that while December 25th is just a single day, the whole Christmas experience is one that can stretch on for months. By the time the big day arrives, there are many people who are already incredibly stressed and burned out, making it almost impossible to get through dinner without hitting the bottle for a few shots of booze that might take the edge off a little. That can form a habit that quickly becomes hard to break.

One of the biggest issues with Christmas is that there is a whole lot more to it than just the single day that is celebrated. Preparations can begin months in advance, which means that the stress can start building very early on. By the time Christmas Day actually arrives, the stress has reached a level that makes it impossible for many to truly enjoy the time spent with family. The worst part of it all is that even when the calendar flips over to the 26th of the month, there are new levels of stress to face.

Xmas Stress

Xmas Stress

It’s not uncommon for people to drink more than usual over the holidays, and it is actually considered somewhat socially acceptable. There are specific drinks made for the season, as well as numerous parties to go to with employees, friends, and family. This is why so many people make staying away from alcohol their New Year’s resolution. The need to dry out a little becomes clearer once the Christmas decorations have been stowed away for another year, but the desire to drink often returns when that first credit card bill arrives after the holiday season.

Christmas is the one holiday that can feel like a never ending cycle that I impossible to break free from. There are still people paying back the money they spent the previous year when the new holiday season arrives. What many think of as celebrating the season with a few drinks is actually just an excuse to try and drink away the stress that has been building for months. It is easy to see forget that you are drinking more than usual when it appears that everyone else around you is doing the same thing.

There are many reasons why people turn to alcohol, but stress is very high on that list. Christmas is a time that is supposed to be fun, yet it has, for many, become a season to dread. It can be expensive and overwhelming, especially when family members are pulling you in a million different directions. Yes, it is important to find ways to relax and escape from the madness for a little bit, but looking down the barrel of a bottle of booze is not the way to do it.


Motorway Driving Phobia

Most people rely on a car to get them from Point A to Point B in the fastest way possible, but there are plenty of drivers who will choose to take a longer route if it means avoiding the motorway. Have you ever used a navigation system and wondered why it will give you the option of directions that keep you off the motorway? The answer is actually pretty simple, and it is that some folks would sooner add 20-30 minutes to their journey of it means avoiding the craziness that is the motorway. For most, it’s a safety concern, but for some, there is a genuine concern that creeps into the psyche the moment they take a car onto a multi-lane motorway.

There are all kinds of different motorway experiences that can trigger this fear, and not all are just down to pure speed. That said, the pace that the other vehicles set on the motorway can induce panic in those who would much rather take their foot off the accelerator and take a slower approach. If that’s not the main issue, then what else could it be? When it comes to motorway driving, there are a variety of different factors that can cause palms to sweat and feelings of genuine fear and stress to come rolling in.

Motorway Driving

Motorway Driving

There are some drivers who feel that creeping sense of panic when the traffic isn’t even moving that fast. Motorways are busy, and it can often feel as though the lanes are closing in on either side. This is particularly true if larger vans or transport vehicles are cursing along on either side of a vehicle. Being unable to see to either side of the motorways can make a claustrophobic person feel as though they are quickly becoming trapped. This feeling is further heightened by the knowledge that there may be no way to get out of that traffic for miles.

We mentioned earlier about having a navigation system in the car, but it’s not every vehicle that has that. What can happen then is a fear of becoming lost, or of taking a wrong turn that could lead to a less than savory place. The ability to make a decision can be difficult when a driver is placed in that situation, which is why this, and the other aforementioned problems need to be nipped in the bud. For many, it is all about learning to relax and take the stress out of driving. Taking medication of some sort to create that feeling is a horrible idea when you are about to get behind the wheel, but hypnotherapy is a perfect solution.

Your ability to focus on the task at hand becomes affected when stress or panic kicks in, which can lead to critical driving errors. A hypnotherapist can get inside your subconscious and weed out those negative thoughts and emotions that threaten to take over when you get behind the wheel of your car. In just a few sessions, that negativity can be replaced by positive thoughts that will make driving in any condition a truly pleasant, stress free experience.


Night Terrors

Adults suffer from all manner of different sleep disorders, but one that you didn’t really expect to encounter in your later years is night terrors. That is usually an issue that is reserved for children in the 3-12 year old category, with the problem usually going away when they hit puberty. The fact of the matter is, though, that night terrors can indeed strike at any age, and they are very hard to shake when you get them later in life. Before we talk about one especially effective treatment, let’s first take a closer look at what night terrors are, and what might cause them.

What people are often confused by when talking about night terrors is that they are not the same as nightmares. There are a few different stages of sleep, and the terrors always come in at a specific point, which is between non-REM stage 3 and 4, which usually occurs about an hour and a half after you fall asleep. It is not uncommon to see a sufferer experience visible fear and panic during this stage, and it is usually very difficult to actually rouse them and bring them back to the waking world. For many people, this is a nightly event that makes sleep very unwelcome indeed.

Night Terrors

Night Terrors

When adults suffer from night terrors, it is often as a side effect from medications that affect the brain. If you are having these issues, but are not on any type of medication, you may well find that there is something else going on in your life that is causing this to happen. Stress is a major player when it comes to adult night terrors, as is a severe lack of sleep. What’s ironic is that those who suffer from night terrors try to avoid sleeping as much as possible, which may actually be compounding the problem.

The most effective way to get rid of night terrors for good is to pinpoint what it is that is causing you stress. Sometimes, these stress points are obvious, but there are plenty of people who feel stressed and worried on a constant basis, yet have no idea why they are having those particular feelings. Oftentimes, emotional trauma from an earlier life event can become wedged in the subconscious, only ever peeking out when we close our eyes to sleep. It is impossible to tackle an enemy that you can’t see or reach.

This is where a hypnotherapist can come to the rescue, as they have the skills to access the parts of the mind that you cannot. It may seem counterintuitive to be “put under” when you fear sleeping, but this is another misconception that many have. You are not actually asleep when you are hypnotized, but rather in a relaxed state of mind and body that leaves the subconscious open to exploration. Over the course of a few sessions, a qualified hypnotherapist can explore the nooks and crannies of your mind to discover the root cause of your night terrors. Once that is done, they can replace the negative thoughts with positive, once more allowing you to sleep peacefully.


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Wedding Nerves

Ask anyone who is married what the best day of their life was, and the vast majority will point to their wedding day. What most people tend to forget is the level of stress that went into the making of that day. The fact of the matter is that most people become so worked up when organizing a wedding that they forget to relax until it is all over. That is why you will hear so many people talk about the big day being like a blur, as it all seems to go by so quickly. Your wedding day will be the biggest day of your life, so you should try to find ways to relax and just enjoy it.

One of the biggest problems that most people face is that it can take months to organize the perfect day. There are so many things that need to be organized, with each new element adding a little more to the stress of the day. With each piece that is added – flowers, dress, music, reception seating, and more – the possibility grows that something will go wrong somewhere along the way. The thought of a wedding day disaster is enough to give the bride and groom sleepless nights in the weeks and months leading up to the wedding day.

Wedding Nerves

Wedding Nerves

It would be easy to say that there are thousands of weddings held every day, and only the slightest percentage of those see something disastrous go wrong. It doesn’t help that those horrors become part of a TV show or as a viral video online. Constantly being shown images of things that go wrong does nothing to put a restless mind at ease. Even when you are sure that everything is in place and ready to go, there is a little voice in your head telling you otherwise.

That voice can be incredibly hard to silence, as it never rests, and it seems impossible to block out. There is a way to do it, though, and all you have to do is commit to a few hypnotherapy sessions in order for it to happen. As a couple, you goal is to spend the rest of your lives together, so why not give that life the best possible start by getting in a mindset where you are constantly stressed about what is supposed to be the happiest day of your lives. Going for hypnotherapy sessions as a couple can help put you both on the same happy page.

It may take a few sessions with a professional hypnotherapist, but the work that is done will set the tone for the weeks ahead. Things about your wedding that seemed nerve-wracking before will seem less important. This will make it easier for you to roll with the punches and deal with any issues that might arise. Perhaps best of all, arriving at your big day with a positive mental attitude will allow you to actually be able to enjoy all of the magical moments that are sure to be created.


Job Interview?

There are many different events in life that bring with them undue levels of stress, but there are few that can be as crippling as the job interview. Many people measure their level of success in life by the job that they are in, which is just one reason why the stress level attached with landing a job is so high. You also have to consider that it’s tough to do any of the things in life that you want if you don’t have any money, and in order to get said funds, you need to have a job. Going in to interview for a job that you are qualified for should not be a stressful experience, yet it is a scenario that most people dread.

A big part of the problem with interviews is that people tend to overthink the whole thing, with most of those thoughts directed towards what might go wrong. There is always the fear that you will make a fool of yourself by delivering an answer that is just not that good, or that your resume will no match up to the those that going against you. Very few people ever go into a job interview feeling relaxed and confident, despite the fact that they will be just one of a few people chosen out of hundreds or even thousands of other applicants.

Job Interview

Job Interview

What’s ironic is that it is not always the most qualified person that lands the position, but rather the one who is most confident in their abilities. Employers want a person who is sure of themselves without being arrogant, and who can be comfortable in even the most stressful of situations. If you can display those qualities in a job interview, you will have become an applicant who will be very difficult to ignore indeed.

The question then becomes how to get that confidence. If you are someone who shudders at the thought of sitting on the opposite side of the desk from a prospective employer, you probably believe that there is no help for you. That is in fact not the case, as hypnotherapy has proven to be incredibly effective in helping people remain calm, confident, and in control when they go into job interviews, or any other stressful situation, for that matter. Imagine being able to walk into an interview with a level of confidence that will be immediately apparent to an employer. That is what hypnotherapy can do for you.

It may take the hypnotherapist a few sessions to get to the root of what is causing you to be so nervous and lacking in self-belief, but when they find it, they can start to reverse those feelings. They do this by replacing the negativity that resides in your subconscious with positive thoughts an affirmations that will immediately spring to mind the very second you start to think negatively. If you are about to go on a job search and are concerned about the interviews that are sure to come, why not ready yourself for the road ahead by trying relaxation through hypnotherapy?


Road Rage

As cities grow and commute times from work to home and back again become longer, the level of stress that we feel behind the wheel continues to grow. We are spending more time in our cars than ever before, and it tends to take a toll on even the most mild-mannered of individuals. Even as you try to block it all out, you can feel your anger rise as the horns blare around you and impatient drivers cut you off at every turn. When you are subjected to that level of stress each and every day, something has to give. This is where road rage is born.

As nice as it would be to stay off the highways altogether, it simply isn’t practical for most people. With jobs now at a premium in some parts of the country, people are having to commit to longer round trips in order to stay gainfully employed. When you are thrown in the middle of rush hour traffic in a major metropolitan city, the driving conditions seem to pull out the very worst character traits in people. Someone that you may meet while out and about who seems like a very nice person can quickly turn into a bit of a maniac when put behind the wheel of a car in those types of conditions.

Road Rage

Road Rage

You might think that you are above such behavior, but your calm demeanor can quickly go out the window when someone cuts you off in traffic. Some people resort to cursing and horn honking when that happens, while others will flip the middle finger to show their level of disgust. The sad thing is that these are now considered to be mild forms of road rage. There have been situation where drivers follow the offending car and get out to confront the driver at the next stop. There are even some who have forced cars off the road or pulled out weapons that they fully intend to use.

While most people will never go to those types of lengths, the stress that comes with road rage can begin to build up when allowed to fester over an extended period of time. What then happens is that you begin to dread each time that you have to get behind the wheel of your car, to the point where the anger and frustration is already present before you have even rolled out of the driveway. This is where a hypnotherapist can come to your aid.

There is no need to reach those levels of stress and anger when positives thoughts can be placed in your subconscious mind when you start to go the negative route. It may take a few sessions with a hypnotherapist for all the positivity to be instilled in your mind, but you will start to feel a difference after the first couple of sessions. The positive thoughts and images that are placed there come to mind the moment you start to feel that first twinge of road rage. Before you know it, the drive to and from work will be a peaceful experience where anger is left to other drivers.


White Coat Phobia

We are all aware that in order to remain in good health, regular visits to the doctor are in order. This does not have to be a massive time commitment, and can in fact be as simple as making an appointment for an annual check-up. Despite that, many of us simply put off the medical exams year after year, only to wonder why we never saw illness coming. Think of it this way, would you expect your car to run smoothly if you never took the time to take it in for regularly scheduled maintenance. The question then becomes why we skip the check-ups when we know it can lead to potential problems.

The fact of the matter is that it often comes down to fear. Most of us will try to suffer through pain and discomfort rather than take a trip to the doctor’s office or hospital, and all because we fear what we might be told. It’s a counterintuitive way to operate, especially when you consider that even the most major of health issues can be treated if they are caught early enough. If you put things off long enough, you may just find yourself in the very health situation you feared, which would not have happened if you had just made a simple appointment to get seen by a medical professional.

White Coat Phobia

White Coat Phobia

Where does all that fear come from, I hear you ask. The answer is that it comes from the same place where all of our fears and insecurities hide away, which would be in our subconscious. On the face of it we all know that there is really nothing to fear about paying a visit to the doctor. The irony is that you can make yourself sick by stressing about situation and problems that might never happen. More often than not, you will either be given a clean bill of health or a prescription that will help clear up all that ails.

In our heads, though, we immediately go to the worst possible scenario. As much as we try to blot it out, that little voice makes an appearance and tells us that we are doomed. The sad fact of the matter is that the little voice most often wins the battle and keeps us from doing what we know we should. The only way to clear that little voice and do the right thing is to seek the help of someone who can get in there and get that little voice saying something positive instead.

A few sessions with a qualified hypnotherapist are generally all it takes to get those irrational fears out of your head. They can find what’s at the heart of those fears, and can replace that negativity with positive thoughts that will help you make that call to the doctor or hospital. Speaking to a hypnotherapist will help you get on the road to better mental health, and when it comes to a fear of the doctor, that can quickly translate to better physical health.


Trichotillomania / Hair Pulling

We all have certain things that we do when we get nervous that are clear indicators of our stress level. Some people will bite their fingernails, while others will fidget or rub their hands. There are others who will fiddle with their hair when feelings of nervousness descend, and it is that behavior that can sometimes lead to something a little more worrying. There are a small group of people who become a little too reliant on their hair in times of stress, to the point where they start tearing it out. This is a psychological disorder that is known as Trichotillomania.

This particular type of hair pulling goes well beyond the stroking or curling of hair around the fingers that many of us resort to when stress enters our lives. People who suffer from Trichotillomania feel compelled to start tugging their hair out at the root, to the point where the missing patches of hair become very visible to everyone. It’s a disorder that is incredibly difficult to treat, especially since those who have it will go to great lengths to cover up what they are doing. It’s a lot like bulimia in the sense that you might not notice someone is having that issue until it reaches extreme levels.



Once the Trichotillomania takes hold, the sufferer feels compelled to start pulling their hair the very moment they start to feel nervous or uncomfortable. It is often an unconscious act on their part, with the hands automatically going for the hair at the first sign of any perceived problem. It is a way to cope that is incredibly unhealthy, and which can do untold damage both mentally and physically. You may not ever see the person pulling out their hair in this manner, but if you start to see thinning or patches of missing hair, you need to get that person some help.

If you are suffering from Trichotillomania, you are probably wondering what you can do to overcome it. There is no magical medicine that will cure you of your compulsion. The fact of the matter is that many sufferers actually get a feeling of elation or relief once they pull out a chunk of their own hair. It is often a momentary sense of joy, though, as those good feelings are often replaced by shame and guilt, which only ends up adding to the stress levels that the person is already feeling.

One of the most effective methods of treatment for Trichotillomania is hypnotherapy. Since the act of hair pulling is often done subconsciously, the patient may not be aware of their reasons for doing it in the first place. A hypnotherapist can access those parts of the mind to get an idea of what the underlying cause of the hair pulling is. Once that has been identified, the negative thoughts that lead to the hair pulling can be replaced by positive. It may take a few sessions for the issue to stop completely, but it can be put to an end for good.


Relationship Breakup

We are never happier than when we are in love and our relationship is going exactly as planned. Despite your best efforts, though, there are times when a relationship that was once great can turn bad, which on turn leads to it coming to an end. Very few people make it through life without experiencing at least one break-up. For some, getting over it and moving on is something that comes quite easily, but for others it can be something that they find almost impossible to get over. Instead of the pain going away, it gets steadily worse as they spend more and more time apart from their lost love.

The bad feelings of a relationship break-up should start to fade over time, but if they don’t, things can start to get really bad. It’s normal to feel a little low and unwilling to be sociable, but that is something that should pass over time. If you feel that those feelings are only getting worse, and that you are becoming detached from your friends and family, there may be deeper problems beginning to take root. It is not unheard of for people to spiral into depression if the relationship that they were in ended particularly badly.



This is something that you may not necessarily notice yourself right away, which is why it’s important to listen to those who care for you when they mention that they are concerned. What will be obvious to you is if you start to get feelings of anxiety when it comes to meeting other people or getting into another relationship. We all take time to heal, but when the situation gets really bad, it may take a little bit of professional help to make that happen. One of the most effective ways to get the help you need is through hypnotherapy.

The reason you tend to feel so bad and unable to get over your broken relationship is because you have allowed negative thoughts to embed themselves in your mind. Every time you think you feel better, you will see or hear something that acts as a trigger that makes the negativity reappear. Being forced to constantly think this way can be draining, but a good hypnotherapist can access the areas of the mind where those negative thoughts are stored, and they can then replace them with positive thoughts.

It may take a few sessions for these suggestions to really implant themselves in your head, but you will start to notice the difference. Pretty soon, you will notice that the triggers that brought about negative thoughts will instead bring positive ones instead. It’s a gradual process that you won’t really be consciously aware of, but the positivity that you feel will soon start to make you feel better in both mind and body. This is a much better option than resorting to medication or some other way of trying to blot out the pain. Hypnotherapy is a safe, natural way to get your life back to normal after a break-up.



We have all had those moments where we say or do something that we didn’t intend to. The moment it happens, we can feel the tingling, warm sensation on our face that signals the approach of a blush. The harder you try to stop it from coming, the more ferocious the red-faced assault seems to be. This is because blushing is an unconscious act that is out of our control. Wishing it won’t happen just makes things worse, and the blush will bloom further once people start to point out just how embarrassed you look.

Blushing is a rather strange phenomenon that always seems to arrive at times when you don’t want it to. You are trying to play it cool in front of that girl or guy that you like, but your intentions are obvious due to the fact that your face is bright red. It is certainly something we would all love to avoid, and the fact of the matter is that you can, if you choose to seek out a little bit of professional help. Before we talk about how hypnosis can help with your blushing problem, let’s first take a look at how it happens in the first place.



What may come as a surprise to many is that adrenaline is at the root of your blushing issues. It may sound odd, but take a moment to really think about it. When you are embarrassed, doesn’t it feel as though your heart is racing and you are a little light-headed? This is your body reacting to the adrenaline being pumped through your body in response to the situation that you are in. It is the same reaction you get in an emergency situation, as adrenaline is what delivers that fight or flight feeling you regularly experience.

When all of this happens, the blood starts pumping faster, causing the veins in your face to dilate. All of that blood flowing through those dilated veins causes your face to turn red. Since it’s science and nature at work in your body, shouldn’t it then be possible to use the same to make it stop? You can, but it will take a few sessions with a hypnotherapist to get you to the point where you can get your blushing under control. How this works is actually rather clever, and as always, involves the hypnotherapist tapping into your unconscious to find your trigger points.

The fact of the matter is that there are certain things that embarrass you and don’t affect other people, and vice versa.  The hypnotherapist will get inside you unconscious to find out the root of those blush points. You will then be given suggestions that will help you remain calm when those situations arise in your everyday life. When you don’t feel that “stress,” the adrenaline will not be released and you will not blush. If you do feel a blush coming on, you will have the confidence to announce it to the people around you, which once again helps keep the redness to a minimum.


Needle Phobia

There are certain things in life that are simply unavoidable, with needles and shots generally being one of those. You may very well be able to get through your adult life without ever having to be exposed to a needle, but you can end up hurting yourself by doing so. You may expose yourself to illnesses that could have been avoided with a shot, be forced to endure toothache because of needle phobia, or even miss out on traveling abroad because the country you want to visit requires you to get shots before you go. The question that has to be asked is what it is you are afraid of with needles.

Needle Phobia

Needle Phobia

There is just something about the thought of a foreign body penetrating your skin that leaves many people cold. For many, this is where needle phobia begins and ends. For others, the phobia comes from a belief that they are going to experience an incredible amount of pain when the needle pierces the skin. There are plenty of other reasons why so many people have a fear of needles, but none of them are particularly valid. That doesn’t stop the fear from being very real for the person experiencing it.

You can simply try to choose to conquer the fear of needles on your own, but the brain has a way of preventing you from doing that. The problem with phobias is that the reason for your fear may often be locked away in your subconscious. That fear of needles that you possess may be difficult to explain to others, because it may well be something that you don’t really understand yourself. This is where hypnosis can come in and help, because it’s when you are in a hypnotic state that those parts of the mind can be accessed ad changed.
Many people don’t consider hypnosis to be the help they need in this area, as the common misconception is that several sessions with a hypnotist may be required to rid you of the fear. While there are a number of problems that would require multiple sessions, needle phobia is certainly not one of them. In most cases, a qualified hypnotherapist will be able to pinpoint the reason for your fear and replace those reasons with positive thoughts and images that will help you relax and be calm the next time a needle is placed in front of you.

If you are one of the many people who shudders at the mere mention of a needle and you can’t seem to shake that feeling, it really is time to look at hypnosis as the cure. As mentioned earlier in the piece, it usually only takes a single session with a hypnotherapist to get your phobia under control. You’ll be surprised at how many new doors can open when you are able to conquer a fear. If you are unable to manage it on your own, please know that there is no shame in seeking some professional help for your needle phobia.


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Hypnotherapy Central London

Hypnotherapy Central London

Hypnotherapy For Nail Biting

The average person will admit to at least one bad habit that they commonly engage in. While there are a number of different things that fall into this category, one of the most common has to be nail biting. This is a habit that is usually developed as a child, and often comes from seeing an adult family member do it. That’s not to say that nail biting is hereditary, but rather just another on the list of things that little ones copy when they see it. In many cases, the nail biting will stop as the child grows into an adult, but that is not the case for everyone.
People who get in the habit of biting their nails early on often find it very difficult to stop. The biting can reach all new levels when that person is stressed, anxious, or excited. What is even stranger is that there are some who don’t even realize that they are biting their nails, which is a sigh of how deeply the habit has become ingrained. It’s certainly not a habit that anyone would wish for, especially since it can make the fingers look less than pleasant and can also lead to some pain if the nail biting gets to the point where skin is coming off, too.

Nail Biting

Nail Biting

There are all kinds of so-called cures for nail biting, but many of them are almost in the home remedy type category. Wearing nail polish or a foul tasting substance on the nails is not really a great way to treat a problem that is often psychological in nature, and thus buried deep in the brain. People who bite their nails will often catch themselves in the act of doing so and be appalled at their behavior. They vow to stop, yet soon find that it is pretty close to impossible.
There are some experts out there who believed that nail biting is tied to OCD, although those tend to be very extreme cases. It may feel as though there is no end to your nail biting habit, but that is actually not the case. Since the reason you bite your nails in the first place is usually locked deep inside your head, you need someone that can access that area and change the way natural instinct that leads you to sticking your fingers in your mouth and biting down.
The best way to get there is to give yourself over to hypnotherapy. It may take a few sessions to rid yourself of the habit completely, but the hypnotherapist will be able to put you under and give you suggestions that will lead you to do something else when the desire to bite your nails rolls around. Think of it as having an alarm in your head that goes off every time you think about biting your nails. That alarm will alert you to the fact that you are about to do it again, making you stop before the hand makes it to the mouth. Hypnotherapy is a powerful form of treatment that can help you with all kinds of different issues.


Hypnotherapy For Procrastination

We all have things that we would sooner not do, yet most of us are able to get over it and get the job done. The reason we are able to do this is because procrastination has negative effects that can really affect our lives if we don’t do as we are supposed to. For example, you may have an important report that needs to get done for work by a certain date. When you are first given that job, the end date seems very far off in the future. The report gets put off over and over again until the deadline date is right upon you and panic sets in. How good do you think the report will end up being when it is rushed? Not very good at all, which could mean that your job ends up in danger.
While that is somewhat at the extreme level of the negative effect of procrastination, it is still a very good example of how constantly putting things off can have a negative effect on your life. The more things that you decide to leave for another day, the more you will find that stress starts to build as you start to see what needs to be done piling up in front of you. One small task put off for another day may not seem like much, but when you start adding more small tasks to the list, your mole hill quickly turns into a mountain that may never be scaled.



There are people out there who will justify their procrastination by saying that they work better under stress. While it may feel that way, the reality is that inflated stress and anxiety levels are simply not good for your health. The more you become accustomed to working and operating under stressful conditions, the larger the toll you end up taking on your health. If you took the time to eliminate procrastination from your life, you would quickly realize how much better you feel, both physically and mentally. The problem is that once you make procrastination a habit, it becomes very hard to break, which the leads to seeking answers on how to break free.
One method that has proven to be very effective in dealing with procrastination is hypnotherapy. If you were to ask the average person why they continually put things off, most would likely have a difficult time giving you an answer. The mind works in mysterious ways, and especially the subconscious, as it is always feeding ideas that affect you without you even really knowing it. A trained hypnotherapist can access that part of the mind and quickly get to the bottom of find out why it is you do what you do. Once that has been discovered, it is then a matter of replacing the negative thoughts there with positive affirmations. A few hypnotherapy sessions will see the need to put things off taken away and replaced with the idea that you need to get the job done as quickly as possible.


Hypnotherapy For Envy

Most people are content to go through their lives and work hard to attain all that they want. There will of course be times when you fall short of reaching your goals, but that is a normal part of life and is to be expected. When this happens, you have the option of picking yourself up and moving on, or obsessing about how you didn’t get what you want. When you opt for the latter, you can end up in a situation where you start looking at the people who have what it is that you want, which can then turn to feelings of envy and even hate.
There isn’t anyone who doesn’t feel a moment of envy at some point in their life. It’s only natural to have a little pang of envy when you see someone with something that you crave or desire. For most, that moment passes and is quickly forgotten, but for others, envy is something that stays with them every day and eventually reaches a point where it starts to negatively affect their life. No amount of trying to push those negative thoughts aside will work, and then envy will pretty soon turn to anger and hatred.



When envy becomes most difficult to control is when you are faced with the object of your desire in the hands of another on a daily basis. It may be the next door neighbor who drives the car that you want, or the best friend who is dating the girl who you have secretly always had a crush on. Constantly seeing someone else with what it is that you want can be hard to take, and it can end up negatively affecting your relationship with those people. The only way that things will ever return to normal is to get your feelings of envy under control.
As mentioned earlier, doing that in your own is not something that comes easy or without some help. One of the most effective ways to get to the heart of your feelings and get them under control is through hypnotherapy. The reason it is often so hard to control negative thoughts and emotions is because they are buried deep in the subconscious part of the brain. This little part of your mind seems to think independently of everything else, and will put thoughts in your head that you really don’t want. Envy is very often one of those thoughts.
A few sessions with a professional hypnotherapist can help you get your life back in control and those feelings of envy out of your mind. While you are under, the hypnotherapist will fill your subconscious mind with positive thoughts and images that will be used to replace the negative ones. Over time, you will find that the feelings of envy that you once had will start to diminish to the point that they seldom if ever show up again. You will also find that you are much happier with what you have and less concerned with the possessions of others.


Stage Fright

When you watch your favorite musician or performer take to the stage, you probably marvel at the high level of confidence that they display when they get there. What you may not be aware of is that while they may look confident on the inside, they may be experiencing a ridiculous level of inner turmoil. That person who is currently entertaining you right now may well have been in the bathroom five minutes earlier, vomiting and stressing about the show they are about to put on. This is what stage fright is, but it’s not just reserved for those who play in front of thousands of people every night.

Stage Fright

Stage Fright

As the average person about their biggest fear and you will find that an overwhelming majority of them will say that it is talking in front of an audience that makes them break out in a cold sweat. While stage fright is often perceived as being something that happens to performers, it is actually a form of performance anxiety that can affect everyone from a kid who has to read aloud in class, to a corporate executive being asked to speak in front of the board.
One of the worst aspects of stage fright is that it is an affliction that never seems to go away. You may have to talk in front of an audience every day of your life, yet your proficiency at doing so and the common practice of it tend to do little to lessen the nerves you feel before you talk. When stage fright reaches extreme levels, it can become crippling to the point that people will avoid doing things in order to get out of being placed in that position. Performers will refuse to perform live and folks will turn down career advancement if moving up means moving out in front of a crowd on a regular basis.
What’s ironic is that the people you are talking to are there specifically to hear you, which means most of them will be on your side. While nerves would be appropriate when speaking to a hostile crowd, you would think that they wouldn’t exist when talking to people who have your best interests at heart. You understand that on some level, but your subconscious intervenes and starts telling you that you are going to fail, or that you will flub your lines, or that people will hate what you have to say. The fact is that stage fright can often be traced back to low levels of self-confidence and high levels of self-loathing or doubt.
The good news is that it can be fixed, though, and it all starts with thinking positively. That can be hard to do on your own, but with the help of hypnotherapy, those positive thoughts can be planted in the subconscious so that they will pop up at just the right time. Regular hypnotherapy sessions will get you into a positive frame of mind and will reduce or totally nullify any feelings of doubt or stress that might otherwise be there when you are ready to talk in front of a crowd. In short, hypnotherapy can take stage fright out of the equation completely.


Getting Over Feelings Of Guilt

We have all done things in our life that we are not proud of, and which may have affected others in a very negative way. Sometimes, these are nothing more than a simple mistake that led to a bad outcome, while some were calculated decisions that we knew would end up having a negative effect on someone else. There are those that can accept these flaws in judgment and move on, but most of us end up carrying some level of guilt for those actions, to the point where it can begin to affect how we go about our daily lives.
Guilt, when allowed to linger and grow, can be incredibly debilitating to the point that it starts to affect your health. Constantly thinking about the mistake you made that caused problems for another can become all-consuming and make life miserable, with no end to the pain in sight. At the end of the day, guilt can become almost like a disease that infects the mind and becomes a part of everyday life. People who have been weighed down by a massive amount of guilt often get to a point of feeling there is no way of ridding themselves of it. That can lead to thoughts of suicide, which is something that is never an option.



Talking to and apologizing to the person you caused pain to can often help alleviate some of the guilt you feel, but what if they refuse to accept your apology. The guilt that you feel can begin to get even worse in those situations. It is at this point that you need to start thinking about ways to overcome that guilt and get on with your life. Part of that comes with forgiving yourself and perhaps even getting to the bottom of why you acted a certain way in the first place.
One method that has proven to be very effective in helping with feelings of guilt is hypnotherapy. There may be moments when the guilt you feel is pushed aside, which is what usually happens when work or some other activity makes you forget about other things for a short period of time. The problem here is that the guilt is merely moved into the subconscious part of the brain, where it will remain and continue to send not so gentle reminders when you least expect it.
A skilled hypnotherapist can access the parts of the brain where the guilt is located by essentially having you guide them there through talk while you are in a hypnotic state. There will be a moment of realization that will tell you why you acted in a certain way, revealing the interior guilt to the hypnotherapist. They can then start to replace those negative feelings with positive, all while assuring you that you need to forgive yourself for past misdeeds than cannot now be changed. What can be changed is the way in which you think about those deeds, and that all begins with hypnotherapy.


Hypnotherapy And Your Driving Test

There are many big events in your life that can deliver copious amounts of stress on the lead up to the big day. One of those big days occurs when you take your driving test. While it may not be on the same level as getting married or the birth of your first child, for many, passing the driving test is one of the first steps into adulthood and many of the freedoms that having your own car brings about. Unfortunately, the stress and nerves associated with taking a driving test are what causes many folks to fail. If you don’t want to be included in that number, you need to look at ways to relieve the stress you are feeling.

Driving Test Hypnosis

Driving Test Hypnosis

One of the most effective ways to prepare for your driving test so that you go in feeling confident is via hypnotherapy. There are sure to be those that dismiss hypnotism as a fringe science best reserved for side show acts, but research has shown that very positive results can be achieved using the hypnotherapy method. People are able to overcome all sorts of bad habits and stressful situations by simply visiting with a hypnotherapist and committing to a few sessions on the couch.
How exactly does hypnotherapy work for taking a driving test? There are actually a few benefits to be had from investing in hypnotherapy, and it all starts with getting rid of those nerves. Once you are in a hypnotic state, the hypnotherapist will fill your mind with positive affirmations, telling you that you are a good driver and that there is nothing to fear when the driving test day arrives. You may not feel anything when you are pulled out of that hypnotic state, but there will be a real sense of confidence that you feel when you get behind the wheel on the big day.
What many people don’t understand is where the nerves and lack of confidence that they feel comes from. You may very well feel that you are a good drive, capable of passing the test, but there will be a little voice in your head telling you otherwise and filling you with doubt. That is your subconscious at work, which essentially means that you are sabotaging your own positive thoughts. A hypnotherapist is able to unlock the door to the subconscious and replace those negative thought with positive ones, bringing about a real sense of calm and confidence in the time leading up to the driving test.
Once you arrive for the test and are sitting in the waiting room, you will find that positivity abounds in the way that you think. This will result in any and all jitters being removed and replaced by an overwhelming sense of confidence. That is what happens when you trust in hypnotherapy and understand that the results than can come from the sessions are in fact real. Simply book a few sessions with a hypnotherapist in the weeks leading up to your test date and you may just pass with flying colors.


Just Can’t Lose Weight?



Fear Of Flying

About 30% of the world’s population has a fear of flying. That implies that 1 billion people in the world are not able to fly in airplanes. And this number is increasing at an alarming rate. The scientific term used to refer to the fear of flying is Pteromerhanophobia, (or aerophobia, aviatophobia aviophobia) and is formally defined as the phobia of being in an airplane, or any other flying vehicle such as the helicopter while in flight.
Fear of flying can cripple a lot of activities such as overseas business meetings and family holidays. And that is precisely why it has attracted a lot of attention lately. This phobia can express itself in form of panic attacks, nausea, headaches, and vomiting, even at the mention of the word flight.
Fear of flying can be a phobia in itself independent of other phobias or it can be due to fear of heights, fear of enclosed spaces, fear of not being in control, fear of vomiting, fear of having panic attacks, fear of terrorism and fear of turbulences. Previous traumatizing experiences can also lead to the fear of flying.


Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying

This fear is the same as fear of the dark. We know very well that monsters don’t exist, but still, we fear going out in the dark. The ones affected by this fear have an active imagination that always visualizes things; even the smallest happenings trigger their imaginations. And that is why the best way to deal with this problem is to recondition the brain. The part of the brain that deals with one’s emotions have to be assured that everything is okay. The brain should visualize a safe environment at all times of flight.
Hypnotherapy works wonders in dealing with the fear of flying. First, hypnoanalysis is done to discover the cause of the fear therefore making it possible for the phobia to be dealt with. Hypnosis is then used to communicate or reach out to the subconscious mind so as to change thinking patterns and psychological status. It also helps relax the mind and keep it calm and relaxed, hence it becomes focused enough to overcome the fear.
Another way to deal with this problem is to use a direct route to the destination, or try as much as possible to. This makes the whole experience shorter and besides, breaks interfere with the fact that the brain gets accustomed to present conditions.
If you can afford the business class, well and good, since there is less congestion and more space, and therefore, some of the substituent fears are eradicated. It gives you the feeling that you have extra space.
Another thing that might help is talking to the staff before the flight. It helps in giving the brain reassurance that everything is alright. Also, while in the plain, you should expect to hear unfamiliar sounds. Try as much as possible to ignore the engine sound.
Also, pick routes that have less turbulence. You can get this information from turbulenceforecast.com. This ensures that your journey is comfortable. You should also do things in the plane that make the trip seem shorter. Do some of the things you love doing; watch a movie, listen to a song, or do anything else that will make you feel good? Do these a couple of times and you will realize that within no time, with the help of Hypnotherapy in London your fear of flying will be gone.



Ideally, stammering is the form of speech disorder associated with repetitions, prolongation of syllables or phrases that occur without volition. It is also associated with frequent stoppage or anomalous hesitation during communication.

There are factors that are believed to be at some point, possible causes to this communication disorder which are;



Neurogenic factors

This is when there is poor response in signal between the brain and the speech nerves.

Developing factors

Take an example with children when they are learning to speak. Normally they don’t complete their utterances simply because is not well developed. As the children grows with time, this problems fades away until the can speak fluently.

Psychological factors

Psychologically, ones communication may not flow especially when one undergoes emotional traumas such as anxiety, fatigue, stress, nervousness and low self-esteem. Can you imagine being interrogated by the authorities such as police on an incidence you were involved in; the manner in which you articulate your word while responding will be accompanied with stuttering. One becomes tense when they start to speak.

Stammering at some point turned hereditary as those children whose stuttering persists do have a member of the family associated with this problem. Studies indicate that long term stammering is always common mostly among boys than in girls thus it is always advisable to evaluate your child’s growth in terms of verbal articulation.

Some of the common signs and symptoms related to stammering include: hesitation before certain words are uttered, repetition of sound or syllables, interjection of certain sounds when speaking, tapping of foot while speaking, rapid blinking when trying to talk, trembling of lips when trying to speak, appearing out of break when talking.

A lifestyle filled with stammering experience can affect ones personality and self- concept both emotionally and psychologically. Those who stutter view themselves negatively. Many times they tend to avoid communicating publicly due to the fear of being misunderstood. The problem with this is that they lack the confidence to present their personality and the end they end up developing depression due to the fear of rejection.

People with stutter undergo certain form of anxiety about speaking that develops because of anticipating a negative response from those listening hence the desire to avoid the embarrassment. These people become both chronically and socially anxious. The problem with this is that it increases the chronic negative experiences such as shyness, leading to the limited opportunity both educationally and psychologically. For example children with this disorder develop the fear of being mocked by others in school hence this affects their performance.

Definitely, stammering has no cure but there are always means to help those people with stuttering develop a sense of recognition. One of the best ways is the hypnotherapy. This greatly helps the stutterer develop a sense that stammering okay thus helps them do away with the fear, shame, embarrassment or even hunger. Changing the way one feels about his or her situation helps them both emotionally hence psychologically. Through hypnotherapy, the stutterer can speak while relaxed bearing in mind that stammering is normal and not a curse or something. It doe s away with the anxiety in people with this disorder thus can lead to dramatic fluency with time.

Generally, hypnotherapy helps one to mentally rehearse all the fared situations thus enables a stutterer develop confidence hence assertiveness which in turn helps them live a happy lifestyle.


Rapid Learning With Hypnotherapy

Rapid learning is reading content in particular literature within a given period and assessing what your mind captured from the learning process.

Importance for Learning Rapid Reading

Rapid reading is necessary to increase your pace of reading. This enables you as a reader to go through large volumes of written literature within short periods of time. Additionally, speed reading guides you as a learner to read at a faster pace than rate of flow of words you speak.

Rapid learning is utilized to be able to examine if your memory is able to hold concepts that you read in a book or before doing exams. This aide in comprehension of what you have read from a book or any other literary material.

Rapid Learning

Rapid Learning

Learning to speed read enables you to be able to focus on literature that you are reading. This is through increasing your learning ability from reading sentences in single isolated words to learning phrases thus, relay to you meaning of the ideas that are being conveyed in writing.


Poor reading habits contribute to situations in which a person loses focus and eventually is in a state of trance. Hypnotherapy revives the person’s from lack of concentration and back to reality. This enables more efforts to be placed on concentration of current activities through more awareness and understanding being created.

Hypnotherapy influences attitudes and behaviors patterns of a person. This is because when you are undergoing hypnotherapy, the therapist is able to influence your mental attitudes by facilitating your re-connection with subconscious mind. The subconscious is vital in focusing attention and performing tasks such as reading.

Benefits of rapid Learning

Rapid learning enables you as a person preparing for an exam to improve your concentration capacity. You are more able to understand concepts of literature that you speed read. This results in enhanced retention in your reading capacity.


A professional who engages in rapid learning is able to focus on work. It enables the professional to perform work with accuracy and precision attributing to them focusing and being keen on details such as procedures to be followed when performing a task.

The student and professional are able to cover more amounts of literature and work. This is because rapid learning will increase the rate at which they go through literature.

The professional is able to renew focus on work through procedures such as hypnotherapy. Further, rapid learning will improve on habits and attitudes of a student and employee in adopting better reading practices.


Phobia Top 10? You Decide…

Energy Drink Addiction & Withdrawal

Caffeine is consumed by a large number of people across the world in a variety of forms; one of the largest markets is to be found in energy drinks.

In energy drinks the amount of caffeine was found to be 3 times higher than coffee or cola. Energy drinks are one of the main beverages for people of the UK and the studies revealed that many people are showing adverse effects due to their caffeine addiction. The British Soft Drink Association has already warned that these energy drinks are not at all suitable for children. The studies have revealed that one in ten of British teenagers are drinking about 4 to 5 energy drinks a week. These growing numbers are alarming and of concern.

Side effects of Caffeine

The side effects associated with the high intake of caffeine are many; it includes rapid heart rate, increase in blood pressure, palpitations, seizures and also the possibility of sudden deaths.

Caffeine is truly a drug, which affects one’s body in many ways; it can cause many chemical interactions in the central nervous systems. Caffeine acts on the central nervous system as a stimulant giving the body a sense of energy.

energy drink addiction

Energy Drink Addiction


Withdrawal symptoms: These symptoms are unpleasant physical reactions which accompanies the stopping of any addictive substance.


Following are the withdrawal symptoms that are associated with caffeine withdrawal:

  • Headache
  • Irritability:
  • Lethargy:
  • Sleepiness:
  • Depression:
  • Muscle pain:
  • Constipation:
  • Lack Concentration:
  • Symptoms similar to flu:
  • Insomnia:

It is high time to stop or reduce the consumption of these caffeinated drinks; a good way would be to book a Hypnotherapy in London session.


New Smoking Ban

The BBC reports today that smoking in a car with children present could soon be illegal in the UK.

The USA, Canada and some countries in Europe already have this controversial ban already in place. Peers are set to vote very soon.

According to a recent poll the public are in support of this action by 78% but 22% believe that smoking is the responsibility of the parent.

Concerns are growing that a smoking bad in family homes will follow.

2 Parents Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Sessions Only £299!

Smoking In The Car


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What Is Mental Illness?

Mental illness can be defined as a condition which cause abnormalities in a way a person behave or think and interact with other people.
The mental illness can be classified in to different types which include
Anxiety: For this kind of people they are always worried. Mostly they will be overwhelmed by fear. This is a serious type of mental illness. The impact of this condition is such that it prevents a person from leading a normal life. Types of anxiety includes: Obsessive compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, specific types of phobias, post-traumatic stress, also the social anxiety disorder.
Eating disorders: The person having this type of disorders either eats less or eats more. It can cause serious disturbances in your every day diet. These disorders are commonly found in the teenagers as well as people in young adulthood. Studies revealed that these eating disorders exist along with depression, anxiety disorders as well as substance abuse.
Depression: The person feels low and depressed; it might last for even 2 weeks. Along with depression the person also experiences irritability, lack of interest, an increase or decrease in his or her appetite; some people also find different ways to harm themselves.
Personality disorders: With this type of mental illness, a person has a highly rigid and unhealthy thinking pattern and they behave in a way by becoming totally unaware of the situation. This can affect a person’s relationships with society as well as family.
Bipolar mood disorder: Also termed as manic depression. This type of mental illness is characterized by mood swings, different episodes of depression as well as an episode of mania in the person’s life.
Schizophrenia: This is a chronic condition, where the person fails to understand the reality. There will be a severe impact on the thought processes of the patient. They experience hallucinations and delusions.

Mental Illness

What Is Mental Illness?

The causes of the mental illness are many: It can result from being in stress for long time, i.e., long term and acute stress, vigorous use of alcohol and consumption of drugs, mental illness can also result from the biological factors which include hereditary as well as various hormonal changes. The mood changes occurring due to constantly having negative attitude towards life and one having a low self esteem. Other factors which contribute to mental illness include the social circumstances, ‘i.e., a person suffering from isolation from his or her fellow beings, financial matters, family problems or due to some violence they have encountered.
There is not a single reason for the occurrence of the mental illness; it can be a cumulative result of genetic, social as well as psychological factors. There are no specific tests available to find whether a person is mentally ill or not, psychiatrists analyse a person’s mental state by evaluating the family as well as a mental conditions of the particular person. Psychotherapy often named as talk therapy can be the best option for treating the mental illness. Medications are the only best treatment for people who have severe symptoms and those who don’t respond well to the talk therapies.


New Year Resolutions Top Ten

This years top 10 client new year resolutions being resolved with Hypnotherapy!

1.Weight Loss

2.Stop Smoking

3. Healthy Eating

4.Drink Less Alcohol

5.Save More Money



8.Nail Biting

9.Phobia Of Flying

10.Facebook And Twitter Addiction


Hypnotherapy And The X-Factor

Simon Cowell provided Tamera Foster with Hypnotherapy to help her remember lyrics in this years X Factor.

The London teenager had problems remembering her lyrics three times on The X Factor and the show boss employed the skills of a hypnotherapist to resolve the problem.

Tamera Foster

Tamera Foster

“Last week was really difficult, Tamera revealed. “So I’ve been seeing a hypnotherapist to get me in the right frame of mind.”

Hypnotherapy is the ideal way to improve memory in exams, public speaking and when under pressure, for a small investment in time and money hypnosis can really make a difference.


Multiple Tooth Extraction With Hypnosis

Fear Of Public Speaking

Hypnotherapy has been proven to help countless people overcome some challenging situations and obstacles in their lives. This has been evident amongst those that have previously had an interest in public speaking but found the process too overwhelming to complete.

One of the reasons that hypnotherapy can provide a valuable solution for those people that are interested in public speaking is due to the fact that the sessions with the therapist allow the individual to deal with some key issues and face their fears in a safe and unassuming environment.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking

The individual will experience a boost in confidence and even be able to recall information that in the past would have been difficult for them to do on their own.

These benefits are due in part because of the process that is involved during a typical hypnotherapy session.

The process:

The first step is for the person to determine which hypnotherapist they are going to choose. Selecting the right therapist for the problem is important because that person is going to facilitate the process and are instrumental in helping the individual to achieve the maximum results from the least number of sessions.

Once a therapist has been selected the first appointment will be scheduled. During this time the therapist will have an opportunity to review the situation and learn some information about the public speaking and the current concerns involved. In most cases the person may be suffering from what is commonly referred to as “stage fright” in other cases the person simply needs a little guidance on how to easily recall information or be able to respond to any questions that may be presented with greater ease.

During the hypnotherapy sessions the individual will work with the therapist to determine the root cause of the problem in order to determine the best course of treatment. In many cases the treatment plan will include visualization exercises, training in self-hypnosis so the person can continue to treat any recurring symptoms, and other stress relieving techniques as needed.

Signs that you may have a fear of public speaking:

There are some warning signs that you may have a fear of public speaking. These include but are not limited to having an inability to speak with you are in a crowd, experiencing shortness of breath, increased sweating, a feeling of panic, shaky voice and additional symptoms as well. These can range anywhere from nausea, to rapid breathing, feeling embarrassed, and even shaking to name a few.

If you or anyone you know believes that they are suffering from the social phobia commonly referred to as “stage fright” or the fear of public speaking hypnotherapy might be the solution.


Treating IBS With Hypnotherapy

Irritable Bowel Syndrome also known as IBS is a recurring condition that causes abdominal pain. This may include diarrhea or constipation. IBS has also been known to cause stomach cramping, bloating and overall digestive discomfort. People that develop condition are usually suffering from some form of either stress, depression, anxiety or an infection of some kind.

Hypnotherapy is being used by more patients over the past few years as new studies are being introduced showing the positive effects of the hypnotherapy process. One study at Manchester University noted that three quarters of the IBS patients noticed an improvement after the hypnotherapy sessions. In some cases the effects of the treatment lasted for years.

BBS Hypnotherapy


The way that hypnotherapy works is that it focuses on using positive visualization and helps the patient to discover better ways to manage their outside factors. The positive therapy process helps the patient to decrease their negative responses to stress, helps them to develop a more positive outlook and to manage any anxiety or fears.

What the sessions do is offer patients and opportunity to get to the root of their problem. The treatment can range anywhere from 1 to 4 hour long sessions. The length of the treatment will vary depending on the patient and the severity of the Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The results in more than half of the cases are positive long term relief of the symptoms.

In some cases a patient may never have another bout of IBS after treatment.

Treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)  can vary depending on the therapist but it will usually consist of a few basics. Some of the things you might experience with your therapist will be goal setting or using visualization. This type of visualization is the process of walking the patient through the good and positive feelings that they will experience once they are free from the troublesome symptoms.

The therapist may also explore with the patient the root causes of the underlining problem. Exploring any worries or fears that may be contributing to the condition. Additionally some hypnotherapist may teach the patient some self hypnosis techniques that they can use to assist the patient in learning to manage their own stress.

When a patient is visiting with their therapist for the first time it will be important to provide as much detail about the condition as possible. This will allow the therapist to determine the severity of the condition and the best treatment options available. If the patient has not yet visited with their doctor and received a confirmed diagnosis of IBS it is important that this be completed before seeking treatment from a hypnotherapist and this provides the doctor with the opportunity to determine if the problem is in fact irritable bowl syndrome or another condition entirely.


Caesarean Section With Hypnotherapy

Dr. Hossein Almasian  used  hypnosis for the second time as the sole anaesthetic to deliver a baby via caesarean section. The procedure was conducted at the Paiambaran hospital in Tehran. The future mother Sara Tavassoli had one session of deep trance to relax her and induct anaesthesia.

A caesarean section

A caesarean section

A caesarean section is a surgical procedure in which the baby is removed by incisions in the mother abdomen and is undertaken when the life of the mother or baby is at risk.

I think this gives an excellent example of how hypnotherapy can be used in everyday life and without any side effects from drugs and the risk they may have.


Hypnotherapy and sports performance

The Benefits of Hypnotherapy for an Overall Improved Sports Performance

Athletes are often on the lookout for new and better ways to improve their overall health and performance when it comes to their sport. This is true in many different types of sports but can be especially true with the individual sports. The reason the individual sport athletes find themselves actively seeking better ways to improve and develop is because there is a lot of pressure for them to reach new heights and to pave the wave for future athletes in their field.

Solo sports include but are not limited to: Golf, Swimming, Gymnastics, Martial Arts,Tennis and others.

Sports hypnotherapy

Sports Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy has opened up new windows of opportunity that have never been available before. As science uncovers the secrets of the mind, athletes are better equipped to manage and improve their overall sports performance and performance ratios.

Hypnotherapy allows the athlete the opportunity to visually explore their options and game strategies.

Team Sports include but are not limited to: Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Volley Ball, and others.

For team sports hypnotherapy can also provide a valuable service to athletes that are looking to reshape old thought patterns and learn to use imagery in order to achieve both their personal and team goals.

Visualization can be a very effective tool for any athlete that is looking to improve their sports performance because it presents the athlete with visual scenarios. It also affords them the opportunity to play out scenarios in their mind. They can work out a positive game plan or strategy during the hypnotherapy session before physically participating in the activity or event.

Hypnotherapy can also aid in the healing process as athletes are able to clear their minds in order to achieve higher levels of performance regardless of the sport they are engaged in.

Research has shown that high performing athletes have more actively engaged mental abilities. Professional athletes realize the value in hypnotherapy for clearing the mind of negative thoughts, negative patterns and negative outlooks. The negative thoughts can often be the difference between an athlete beating a record or just getting by.

Hypnotherapy can help with cricket, running, boxing and the other sports that have already been listed including some that have not been mentioned. An athlete can improve their confidence, remove negative thoughts, imagine their success and overcome any outside distractions. These are just a few of the benefits that can be seen by those that are actively engaged in finding new and positive ways to improve their overall sports performance.


Social Phobia: The Feeling of Being Shy    

It is pretty normal to feel anxious when we are placed in a situation that we are uncomfortable, or that we are unprepared for. For instance, we can experience sweating when speaking in front of the public or our hands can shake when we are surrounded by others during a social gathering. However, there are some cases wherein this anxiety is at the extreme level. In this case, the situation can be qualified as social phobia. Generally speaking, this is concerned about having a strong fear on interacting with other people, which often results into being shy or self-conscious. This is also associated with the fear of being judged by other people.

There are some obvious signs that will make it easy to tell on whether or not a person is suffering from social phobia. One of the most common symptoms of this kind of anxiety is if a person fees emotional distress when being introduced to another person, meeting people who are perceived to be important, being under the eyes of a public audience, being criticized for a wrongdoing, and getting around in a crowded place, among others. Symptoms of such will also include sweating, shaking, and blushing when being surrounded by a lot of people, especially strangers. Other symptoms include trying to avoid places filled with people, having difficulty talking in public, being self-conscious, and having rumbling stomach when in public.

Social phobia

Social phobia

Like in the case of other phobias, it is important to seek treatment in order to prevent its adverse effects. With this kind of phobia, your daily life will be affected in ways more than one. For instance, this can be a cause for you to be often isolated since you find it hard to interact with new people. For younger people in school, this can even be a cause of bullying. In addition, this may also limit your network of friends, and hence, having less people to depend to in times of need. This will result into fear of being in a public landscape, such as speaking in front of an audience.

Men and women are at equal risk of suffering from social phobia, although it manifests mostly during earlier years. Several studies in the past have associated this condition with genetics, as well as with depression and other anxiety disorders. Substance abuse can also be blamed as another factor leading into social phobia.


Insomnia – What is it really?

A very common question amongst people these days is the question regarding the real definition of what insomnia really is. The definition for most people seems to be a very confused and misleading definition. The real definition of insomnia is defined as a very common sleep disorder amongst men and women. To go further into the definition is defined by the difficulty of falling or having trouble staying asleep during sleeping hours..

In the case of insomnia, there are many different types of symptoms that people commonly have. Some of the symptoms that a person may be diagnosed with when they have insomnia is tiredness upon waking up from sleeping, constantly waking up extremely early, or even waking up in the middle hours of the night and having a lot of trouble falling back to sleep. According to studies, most people diagnosed with insomnia contain all of these symptoms above with their series of insomniac moments. These are very common symptoms most people suffering from insomnia have.

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There are many causes of insomnia that many people do not know. A lot of the symptoms include stresses their daily lives, a sickness or illness that the person in question obtained, and emotional or physical discomfort caused by a harsh situation in their lives. A lot of the causes that were mentioned are known to be some of the most influential factors in the causes of insomnia in people around the world. Some more causes of insomnia include strong negative influences by environmental factors such as extreme temperatures, various medication prescriptions proscribe by doctors, or highly abnormal sleeping schedules caused by irregular hours at work and more.

Happily, there are many different types of ways to treat insomnia in human beings. It is said that if the person has acute insomnia then there is no need for real treatment because there’s a high chance that it may go away on its own. Mild insomnia can be easily treated by following a normal sleeping schedule. If the insomnia is more severe than many doctors recommend prescribing sleeping pills for a short duration of time. It is also warranted that the sleeping pills should be prescribed and not be replaced by over-the-counter sleeping pills because it has been said that there are many undesirable side effects that could negatively affect you over time. Sometimes leading to serious illness or injury.

On a more severe level of insomnia, it’s recommended that the person should see a Hypnotherapist and take a sessions of this type of therapy to get to the bottom of the problem causing the insomnia to become so strong. This therapy is known to target durable behavioral changes that could possibly promote a better sleeping session for the patient taking the therapies..



When we look into what self-esteem is it comes down to a lot of factors. In a nutshell, self-esteem is basically how you view yourself and what you perceive your value as. There’s positive self-esteem and then there’s negative self-esteem. When we dig deeper into what self-esteem is, it actually comes down to where you place yourself in the world and how valuable you are to it. This is all measured by your own standards though. It’s how important you are to yourself, to others, and beyond. A lot of how you perceive yourself can be affected by your relationships and other outside factors. Many people’s self-esteems are factored by these outside forces.

Positive self-esteem can nearly drive someone’s life into a more productive and lucrative path. Negative self-esteem can drive somebody’s life into anxiety and depression. So, with that being said, your self-esteem plays a big role in your life.

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There are many things that can affect self-esteem. One factor that can affect self-esteem are your relationships. Some very popular examples are breakups and cheating. This affects one’s self worth and constantly targets one’s insecurities. Another factor that can be very impactful is one’s job. For example, a promotion can increase our self-esteem or a job loss may have a negative effect and could decrease our self-esteem.

Luckily, there are many easy ways to increase one’s self-esteem. A very popular way of increasing your self-esteem is by Hypnotherapy.  This is the act of actually becoming more centered in yourself and more conscious to your thoughts. Hypnosis is actually an amazing that can easily help you become more present in your day-to-day life. Another way of increasing your self-esteem is by actually finding something you love and pursuing to the fullest. If you were a guitar player then pick up the guitar and start playing again! Start doing things in your everyday life that makes you happy and not what somebody else tells you to do. Even though it may not pay your bills, it will keep you healthy and happy.  You should be doing it not for lucrative reasons but for your own sake and health. If you look at the most successful people in the world today, you’ll see they’re mainly happy people. They incorporated things they loved into their life and sometimes making the things they love into their business.


The Impact Of Bruxism

Excessive teeth grinding or clenching of the jaw is known as bruxism.  It is not a normal activity; it is a problem. A lot of people grind their teeth time to time, but that does not really cause harm but if it is happening on regular basis then oral health complications can occur. Teeth grinding can be caused by stress and anxiety. It often happens during sleep due to abnormal bite or crooked teeth.  Because grinding often occurs in sleep most people are not aware of that they are suffering from bruxism.

There are common symptoms to look out for, such as a dull constant headache or sore jaw. But often these people find out from their loved loves who hear the grinding at night.  There are two types of bruxism, one, which occurs during sleep and the other one occurs during wakefulness.  Damages to the teeth may be similar in both types, but the symptoms of sleep bruxism are usually worse.

Chronic teeth grinding can cause fracturing, loosening or loss of teeth. Continuous grinding may wear teeth down to stumps. Not only it causes tooth loss, it can also affect jaw resulting in hearing loss. In worse case it can change the appearance of your face. In such a situation consultation with dentist is a must.   When teeth grinding happens there is a possibility that root canal, crown, bridge, implants, partial denture and even complete denture is needed.

Dentist can fit you with a mouth guard to protect you with the teeth grinding during sleep.  If grinding is happening due to stress than see a physician to counsel for how to reduce your stress.  Muscle relaxants can be one of the options.


Among other tips, cut back on food and drinks that contains caffeine, such as coffee, colas and chocolate. Avoid alcohol, grinding gets intense after consumption of alcohol.  Do not chew gum or chew something that is not food, like pencils or pens. Train yourself not to clench, if you feel you are clenching, position your tongue between your teeth to. This practice will train your jaw muscles to relax. You can also relax your jaw muscles at night by holding a warm washcloth.

The problem of teeth grinding can occur in children as well. Children who grind teeth tend to do so, when their baby tooth emerges or when their permanent teeth come.  No intervention is required with pre-school age children but for older kids night guard can prevent grinding.


Self-Harm:Things that you Need to Know

As many people would say, harm is not something that is always inflicted by others unto us. In some cases, it is self-imposed, which is more popularly known as self-harm. This is something that should not be taken lightly and will require professional intervention. If you know someone who is most probably suffering from the tendency to harm one’s self, it will be good to act as a true friend and to ask him or her to seek for help. It will also be good if you will know the underlying causes of such, and more importantly, on how such problem can be successfully addressed.

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More often than not, self-harm is seen to be the medium of the affected individual to cope with stress and to manage emotional problems. Although it may be hard to understand by others, these people believe that inflicting harm is the best thing that they can do to get away from their problem and it allows them to feel a lot better. In addition, these people also often feel that they have no other choice by to resort into self-harm. These are the people who lack social support from family and friends and who tend to blame themselves for all the bad things that are happening into them.
Some of the most common acts of self-harm include cutting, scratching the skin, and picking wounds. However, there are some acts that can be seen as extreme and often seen from people who have suicidal tendencies. Some of these acts include jumping from a building, deliberate overdose from drugs, and breaking bones, among other acts that are mean to kill one’s self. Some of the people who are prone into self-harm are those who have traumatic experiences in their childhood, such as those who have been raped, neglected, bullied, abused, and those who have suffered from problems with their parents or families. It is also common for people who have been diagnosed with psychiatric problems and amongst those who are suffering from substance abuse. This is commonly done by people because of the belief that they are alone and that they have too many problems that are being a burden to them. They often feel that they have no one to turn to and no one to be with them in the most difficult times of their life, which makes it critical to pay special attention to the people who have the tendency to deliberately inflict harm on their own.


Comfort Eating, the Silent Killer

Comfort eating is the categorized as emotional eating. This is done when a person is eating to serve a purpose other than hunger. Comfort eating reasons vary from person to person as well as the types of foods that are consumed. Comfort eating is the silent killer of weight loss goals because the act of comfort eating under minds the progress of the individual that is engaged in the act of eating for something other than hunger.


These types of cravings are physiological in nature. This means that a person’s brain when they are feeling a certain emotion will trigger the body to respond by sending signals telling it that it needs this item in order to feel better. The item in many cases is one that will provide only a temporary heightened feeling followed by an even deeper emotional stress after consumption.

Comfort Eating is done during times of heightened stress; examples include but are not limited to: Moving, Relationships (both ending and beginning), Money Matters, Work/Life Balance, Children, Commuting, and more. Stress is a normal part of everyday life but when the level of stress comes out of balance with the person’s ability to manage it the body begins to respond in a negative way and seeks to find a solution to these problems through food. In many cases the food options of preference will leave the individual feeling good only for a short period of time and after the high of the initial consumption has passed the reality of the deed sets off a chain reaction.

With dieters or those that are attempting to make positive life style changes, emotional eating has the potential to derail even the most enthusiastic of individuals. Let’s say for example a person has lost some weight and they are working out daily, one day they are faced with a problem at work that has caused them to feel terrible. In order to make themselves feel better they purchase a box of donuts with all intention on having just one. After the entire box has been consumed this person feels good for just a few minutes when the reality of what they have done sets in and now they are so disappointed with their actions that they resolve losing weight is an impossible feat.

If you are trying to lose weight remind yourself that you are human and we all make mistakes. Find alternative solutions to help you to manage your stress and forgive yourself for the occasional comfort eating. If you discover that your comfort eating is a problem seek out a few solutions that will help get you back on track so that you can achieve your weight loss goals.

The Good Things about Quitting Smoking   

Smoking is one of the greatest health problems all over the world today. Because of the addictive substances that are found in a cigarette, many people find it hard to quit such vice. In spite of the fact that a wide array of detrimental health effects has been revealed as a result of smoking, there are still many people who fail to stop. If you are one of the people who find it hard to forget about smoking, you might want to think over and again until you are finally able to realize how such move can be bold and beneficial.

There are many health experts and studies published in the past that have supported the health benefits of being able to quit smoking. For instance, there are professionals who associate it with looking younger, making your skin look better and your teeth whiter, considering the fact that regular smoking can cause stains and discoloration. Depending on the timeframe that has elapsed after quitting, there are different benefits that can emanate. Generally, these benefits will restore your health and make you better physically. It is said that 20 minutes after quitting, there will be a drop in blood pressure and heart rate. More so, after 12 hours, the level of carbon monoxide that is contained in the blood will return to its normal level. After 2 weeks and several months, the most significant health benefit will be the improvement of blood circulation. Also, this will lead into the improvement of the functioning of the lungs as it slowly recovers from the effects of smoking. After nine months, some of the health benefits that can be experienced include decrease in instances of coughing and shortness of breath, and being able to gain the normal function of the lungs. In the long-term, such as after one to 15 years, the benefits will include the reduction of the likelihood of having heart attack, cancer, and other critical illnesses that are associated with smoking.

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While health benefits are most important, it is important to keep in mind that there are also financial benefits that can be enjoyed after quitting smoking. If you are a typical smoker who smokes a pack per day with a cost of around £8, which is pretty much a cheap average price, you can save up to £2900 per year. This does not include the financial savings that can be enjoyed from not needing to buy lighter, breath mints, cigarette filters, and other products that are linked or used because of smoking. True enough, in the long-term, you can be financially well if you ditch smoking. 


Agoraphobia: Definition, Causes, and Symptoms     

While fear is something that is normal for humans, it comes in various forms and varying levels, the most extreme of which would need immediate attention for treatment. One kind of fear that is common is known as agoraphobia. Simply put, this form of phobia is characterized by the fear of experiencing panic attack in a public place that is hard to escape. Because of such fear, you tend to avoid places or situations that will require you to be surrounded with other people or any situation where it will be hard for you to leave when there is a need to do so.

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Agoraphobia is caused by a number of factors. For instance, one of the most common causes of this condition is panic disorder. This often happens as a complication for the inability to pay attention and to treat the latter. However, up to this point, even if panic disorders are common, experts still find it hard to provide concrete explanations of the factors that cause such. Agoraphobia, like most other types of fear, can also be caused by biological factors, which means that there will be an increased likelihood of suffering from such if anyone from the family has such condition. In relation to the biological factors that can cause this kind of fear, another significant theory that should be given emphasis is the claim that it is caused by the imbalance of the neurotransmitters on the brain that leads into having extreme shifts in mood and behavior.

Psychological factors are also commonly attributed as causes of agoraphobia. More often than not, this condition will be apparent if you have experienced a traumatic event in the past, especially during your childhood. This can also result from having an unfortunate incident in your life such as losing a job or the death of someone you love. Alcohol and drug addiction can also trigger this kind of phobia.

To know whether you are suffering from agoraphobia or not, you should be aware of its different symptoms. Some of the most common would include acceleration of heartbeat, hyperventilation, diarrhea, difficulty when swallowing, sweating, dizziness, nausea, and trembling, among others. Aside from the symptoms that may be evident physically, there are also psychological symptoms. These include having low self-confidence, depression, lack of control, fear of being alone, social phobia, and anxiety, among others. While it does not necessarily mean that these symptoms can lead into agoraphobia, it is important that the possibility is recognized and that you exert effort in order to address the situation.


The Dangers of Online Gambling     

With the popularity of internet, it cannot be denied that a number of positive shifts have been apparent, making our lives a lot easier. However, this is a double-edged sword. In spite of the benefits associated with such, there is no denying that it also has danger. The most significant danger would be addiction. Nowadays, one of the most common forms of addiction that is detrimental in online gambling.

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Online gambling takes a variety of forms. For instance, there are many online casinos that operate through the internet, which will allow you to place a bet regardless of your location, as long as you have a computer and internet connection. Another popular form of online gambling is through sports betting, such as in boxing and basketball.

Among others, one of the reasons on why many people develop an addiction towards online gambling is the fact that the system works in a pretty simple manner. As mentioned, there is no limit with regards to location, as long as you have the means to access the gambling websites. Also, it is common for websites engaged in such service to offer free membership. In this case, you may not be required to have an initial amount of deposit to start. Also, your first bets will often be free to provide you with a snapshot of what it will be like. Overtime, however, you will be required to have financial resources in order to fund your account and to continue gambling.

Just like in the case of any other forms of addiction, online gambling can be destructive, not only on an individual’s personal life, but on the lives of others. Once it becomes something that cannot be controlled, you may risk your financial resources, even if you are aware that you no longer have the money to spend. It is common for people who are addicted to such to sell their personal things, like phones, and even cars at worse, just to have the money that can be used to fund gambling. This can also divert your attention from the things that should be given priority. For instance, you may already forget about your work because you are too busy gambling. This is also damaging to social relationships. People who have the uncontrollable inclination to gamble online may forget that they have a family that also seek for their attention, or more importantly, a family that needs the money that they spend on gambling.



Panic Attack: Keep Calm and Know What It Is     

Out of nowhere, you experience a sudden change in feeling, characterized by shortness of breath and pounding beat of your heart. There is no apparent reason for such, but still, you are worried that something is wrong with how you feel. Episodes like this can be indicative of panic attack, which is basically an anxiety disorder that leads into a feeling of terror without any warning. This can happen at any time, even while you are at the middle of your sleep. More often than not, people assume instantly that they are having a heart attack, but in reality, it is just panic attack.

The different signs and symptoms that you are having a panic attack can show suddenly and it usually reaches the climax after 10 minutes. Commonly, a panic attack is experienced in a period of 20 – 30 minutes, and it is very seldom that it lasts for more than an hour. Some of the signs that you are most probably suffering from a panic attack include the following: pain on the chest, running short of breath, palpitations, sweating, dizziness, shaking, chilling, nausea, and pain on the stomach, among others.

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According to experts, there is no definite situation or reason that can be pointed out as to why panic attacks are being experienced. Rather, similar to other emotional problems, panic attacks can be caused by the combination of genetics, the way a person thinks, and environmental factors or social stressors. In addition, several studies have also revealed that such can be caused by experiencing physical or sexual abuse during a person’s younger years.

If panic attacks are not given the necessary attention, such as treatment options, it can lead into negative impacts in one’s life, which will last for the long-term. One of the most common effects of panic attack is that it can lead into irrational fears or phobias, such as the fear of leaving your house. Also, it is also common that it can lead into avoidance of social situations or gatherings. Some people also resort into alcohol and drug abuse as a part of coping with the problem, which actually does not solve it but just aggravate the situation. Many who find it hard to cope with panic attacks have also experienced problems related to school and work-environment. Given the detrimental impacts of such, it is apparent that panic attack is a condition that should be given importance to avoid it from ruining your life.



Some Things You Need To Know About Bulimia     

Bulimia Nervosa, or simply bulimia, is a disorder that is associated with food, which is characterized by binge eating and will be followed by the feeling that you need to take out the weight that has accumulated in your body. After you have been full, there is an inclination towards getting rid of all the calories that have been taken in. This is a condition that has affected the lives of many people, resulting into physical, social, and psychological effects. More often than not, for many people who are suffering from bulimia, it is often associated with having low self-esteem, dissatisfaction with current physical condition, and experiencing trauma in the past.

Because of the dangers associated with bulimia, it is important that you know beforehand if you are suffering from such. In this case, it is important that you are aware of its different signs and symptoms. Some of these include being obsessed with eating, excessive concern towards achieving better body shape and lower weight, eating secretly, and throwing up or vomiting once full. If you have been doing any of the earlier mentioned, there are also some physical signs that can be apparent and that will prove that you are bulimic. For instance, it can lead into having discolored teeth, which can be a result of stains from stomach acid that is produced after throwing up. Another sign would be frequent fluctuations in weight, which is basically because of the episodes of wanting to eat and instantly wanting to lose weight. Having puffy cheeks as caused by vomiting frequently and having callused fingers, which is because of sticking it on the mouth to vomit, are also amongst the physical signs of bulimia.

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Aside from the signs of bulimia, another thing that you should keep in mind would be its effects. One of the most common would be having an infected sore throat, which is basically because as a result of self-induced vomiting. When you are suffering from bulimia, there are also chances that you will often feel dizzy and weak. This is a result of the fact that you tend to eat a lot, and consequentially, you just get it out of the system as soon as you feel you are full. It can also lead into irregular menstrual period for women and having muscular tension. In extreme cases, as bulimia can cause depression, it can even lead into committing suicide.

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