Hypnotherapy In London FAQ

Just What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a state of relaxation and focused concentration in which the client is neither fully awake nor fully asleep, this state is called trance. In trance the client is open to suggestions to resolve problems and produce change.
Hypnotic trance almost feels like a state of a sleepy daydream or the feeling just before you fall asleep, but each client can experience this slightly differently. Hypnosis does feel very nice and relaxing and gives the feeling well-being and complete mental stillness.

What Can It Be Used For?

Stress, habit disorders, over eating, habitual behaviour, psychological problem, boosting confidence, phobias and fears, trauma, abuse, depression, post-traumatic stress, sexual problems, medical problems, migraine, pain relief, surgery, childbirth, dentistry, performance enhancement, sport enhancement, creativity, rapid learning. Please take a look at the Treatments link at the top of the page.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

This depends, almost all the clients I see only need to see me for one session. Please do not book bulk sessions with other therapist, how would they know how many sessions you need? All you are doing is paying their mortgage!

Why Should I Use Hypnosis?

Simple, Hypnotherapy is probably the quickest and safest form of therapy for permanent change. Hypnotherapy has gained acceptance within the medical establishment as a complete treatment for psychological related problems.

Is The Session Confidential?

Yes. All information is confidential and complies with The Data Protection Act 1998

Can I Be Forced To Do Something Against My Will?

NO! You are in complete control of yourself at all times.

Where Can I See You?

I work in many locations around London six days per week 8am-8pm

Is Hypnotherapy Safe?

Yes. It was declared safe by the British Medical association (BMA)

How Much Is A Session?

Please click on the Therapy Prices link at the top of the page

Are There Any Side Effects?

Only the feeling of being relaxed and the benefits of the hypnotherapy session.